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Grace Is My Story, Redemption’s My Song

Grace Is My Story, Redemption’s My Song Paige Givens, copyright 2014 (BMI) I’ve had a good life, full of sweet things I’ve been sheltered underneath my Savior’s wings But sometimes I wonder where the glory lies In a story that’s without … Continue reading

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Unto You

What does the Amazing Grace look like? The grace that was given to a wretch like me? Is it bright and pristine, like a perfect white coat of paint that covers up all of my pencil smudges and misprints? Is … Continue reading

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What’s Your Story?

If you could sum your story up in a few words, what would you say? Some people have stories of epic proportions. They’ve been miraculously healed, saved from a bondage so tight that it was breaking them, and brought from … Continue reading

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A Journey of Faith, Hope, Charity, and a Little Grace: Sherry’s Story

My friend Sherry and her husband John have four extraordinary daughters. You don’t have to look very far to find out where the four daughters’ extraordinary qualities come from…just look at their parents! John is the Sunday School teacher for … Continue reading

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Finding Calm in Life’s Storms: Anchor Ministries

In February, I asked God to send me an opportunity during my church’s monthly Women On Mission meeting. He has faithfully opened my eyes to every day opportunities since then, and has also sent some special opportunities my way! This … Continue reading

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When You Are Wearing Your Sin

One day at school, my teacher told us repeatedly to stay away from a certain muddy area on the playground. The rain had poured for several days, trapping us inside, and we were restless and filled with energy. Just before … Continue reading

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No Turning Back

When I decided to follow Jesus, I knew there was no turning back. In that moment of total surrender, I felt invincible. If God was for me, who could be against me, right? The truth is, once I became a … Continue reading

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Grace is My Story, Redemption’s My Song

My granddad is known for saying “What a time! What a time!” when something exiting, scary, or fun is happening. So basically, he says it all the time! Well, after this past weekend, the only thing I can think of … Continue reading

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