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Oh, The Questions They Will Ask!

Five and six-year-olds are good at many, many things. I mean, just think about it–they go so quickly from not even knowing how to write their names to actually reading and writing stories! The amount of knowledge that they soak … Continue reading

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Running Back to the Ark

The drop hit him on the nose first. He looked up, squinted into the sky. The air smelled like rain. Another drop, then another. Soon the sound of pattering rain filled his ears as the air around him danced with … Continue reading

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I Saw the Cross of Jesus

I saw the cross of Jesus, when burdened with my sin; I sought the cross of Jesus, to give me peace within; I brought my soul to Jesus, He cleansed it in His blood; And in the cross of Jesus … Continue reading

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7 More Weeks

The hallway is quiet. The teacher unlocks her classroom door and thinks to herself… 7 more weeks. I can do this. I can! There is so much left to get to. I’m going to have to make every minute count. … Continue reading

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