Grace is My Story, Redemption’s My Song

My granddad is known for saying “What a time! What a time!” when something exiting, scary, or fun is happening. So basically, he says it all the time! Well, after this past weekend, the only thing I can think of to say is “What a time! What a time!”.  What a time, indeed.

This girl traveled all the way to Indiana,  to the tiny town of Alexandria, and met with about sixty other writers to celebrate words and music about a God who is just too big for words and song. For me to say it was a wonderful experience is just too inadequate to describe my time there…Oh yes, and I also got to sit at a table and glean from Bill and Gloria Gaither, Dony and Reba McGuire, Michael Kelly Blanchard, and Aaron Robinson, some of the greatest writers and composers of our time!

First of all, for anyone who read my last post and knows me at all, God answered my “friend” request almost immediately. I registered and had my usual moment of panic and pushing away the question of “But who will be my friend?” as I looked around at a large group of people who were mingling, reading through schedules and binders, and looking a lot like…me. Alone. A little nervous. Overwhelmed.

I took a moment to breathe deeply and felt the peace of God flow through me. He is my Friend. He is bigger than my weaknesses. I made eye contact with a lady who quickly became a sweet friend. God had given me a friend immediately. And then, as I looked up at the door I saw two close friends of mine from former writing conferences walk through the door. I jumped up and we three greeted each other like we hadn’t seen each other in ages (it had only been about six weeks)! Here’s the awesome thing about it…both ladies were not planning on coming to the Songwriting Intensive in Indiana. They both were able to come at the last minute by a string of circumstances that one of them called a miracle. And it was, even if it was only for me. He is my Friend.

I made so many new friends who are now like family to me! There is something about sharing a table, eating together, praying together, singing together, and writing together for the One who brought us together that builds an unbreakable bond. The tools that I gained and the knowledge that was imparted to me are invaluable.  During breaks, we would gather around a piano and play our songs for each other and end up singing along. It was a sweet, sweet time.The opportunities that He provided over the weekend were things I couldn’t have dreamed up if I tried.

Paige playing piano

We came from all over the United States and even from Canada (and I was asked often if I was “from the South?”- How’d y’all know? ). We came from farms, cities, subdivisions, and apartments. We were teachers, pastors, business professionals, nurses, worship leaders…the list goes on. We were from huge churches and tiny churches. We were from all denominations. But when we all ended up together in the same room, we realized we had the same goal. As Christian writers, we are all striving to use words to describe Someone who just can’t be described with words and music alone.

What a time!

You know, I realized that there is a common bond that makes us all the same.

A few months ago, I was chatting with a friend about the song “Jesus Loves Me”. This song is a powerful part of her testimony, which is a glorious story of Christ bringing her from some very low places to the godly, wonderful woman she is today. She said to me “Sometimes I wish my testimony was more like yours but then I love it when I am reminded that it’s all about resting in His grace.” And that got me to thinking.

I’ve had moments when I thought my testimony wasn’t very exciting. It’s not very deep, or so I have foolishly thought. What makes one testimony better than another? Nothing! We are all beautiful examples of grace and redemption, no matter how our testimony starts and continues. The grace that has sheltered me my entire life is glorious! The fact that I was provided with parents and a church family that taught me about Christ at an early age and helped me to grow in Him is pretty glorious! But it’s no more glorious than the redemption that was handed so mercifully to my friend. And while I’m talking redemption, I will add that I needed redemption from my ugly sin just as much as she needed grace, which she is absolutely full of.

Friends, we have a bond that makes our stories the same. Oh, we all have different chapters. We have different plots to our stories, different characters, different settings, different choices… just like my new writing friends who met together last weekend. But no matter what our story involves, if we have chosen Jesus, we can shout that Grace is our story and Redemption is our song!

What a time!!!!!!

So…I wrote this song a few months ago after my conversation with my friend. What other name could I give it? This is Grace is My Story, Redemption’s My Song. Take a listen!

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27 Responses to Grace is My Story, Redemption’s My Song

  1. AliceAnn S. Cooper says:

    WOW!! Thanks for sharing!! Love it!!

  2. Renee says:

    So beautiful!

  3. Melanie Cox says:

    Absolutely Beautiful. Wonderful message

  4. Belinda LeCroy says:

    Love the article, love the song, love you! You are so talented. Such a blessing!

  5. Amanda says:

    That’s great Paige. Now get you a band and go record it! 🙂

  6. Glenda Clay says:

    Thanks for sharing, Paige. You continue to amaze me with what God gives to you. Blessings! Glenda

  7. ConnieTuck says:

    Wow! Paige I could listen to you sing day and night. The words that echo from your heart through your vocal cords are God’s whispers to our ears. Oh His sweet words with your amazing voice. Thank you for sharing and for you love of our Heavenly Father. Love you.

  8. Jean Mayfield says:

    Beautiful song! Thank you for sharing it!

  9. Nancy Orange says:

    Your love for The Lord is so clear through your beautiful music. I really liked this new one, couldn’t keep the tears back! We are all so blessed that you are in our lives and that with your gift, you encourage us to become better Christians. I am so glad you have this blog!

  10. dharris1 says:

    wow, beautiful. Blessings.

  11. keith says:

    Once again, Paige,you have composed a song that will touch so many hearts. And from the bottom of mine, THANK YOU.

  12. Connie Sullivan says:

    Well I couldn’t wait until morning. This is so awesome! Your heart – God’s sweet song – yep, just for me!!! Praise His Holy Name and thank Him so much for you and your sweet family!!! Thank you, Chris, for being the encourager and her biggest fan. God has awesome things in store for y’all’s sweet family! Praying for y’all. Love you all so much!

  13. Susan Brown says:

    Paige, again…you’ve knocked it outta the park! I am sitting here at work and if anyone were to walk in, they might wonder what is wrong. The tears just came…a song all about God’s restoring grace is something we all need to hear Everyday! That ole stinking devil is always there in my head, reminding me of past mistakes, sins, etc, so a song like this is just what we all need to hear as a reminder of His great love, grace and mercy. I have to smile at the thought of our Lord and Savior singing along with us. But, I know He loves to hear praise music. I thank God for my hearing–so much to be thankful for and you, precious child are at the top of the list. How easy it would be for us to say, “we’re afraid..uh, Lord, we can’t do that…” But, you stepped out in faith and that is exactly what He wants us to do every day. Just take a step forward and leave the rest to Him. So glad you got to meet all those folks in Indiana and I know you were a blessing to them. It might not be a bad idea to let the Gaithers know you and members of your church are planning to attend their July 17th concert at Samford and just in case they need an opening–well, you are available to get on stage and sing with them… :0) Hey, everybody in the building would be blessed! Praying for you, honey. Your music can unlock hearts and minds to His redeeming love and grace and His power to restore! Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. Big Hug, Susan Brown

  14. jessica says:

    This song really spoke to my heart. Amazing, just amazing!

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