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Teachers Say the Craziest Things…Halloween Edition!

Okay, so it’s established that teachers say some pretty crazy things in a school day. But just imagine the silliness that goes on during Halloween. Teachers go to great lengths to maintain order–or we just join in the craziness ourselves. … Continue reading

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Teaching Kindergarten…Fall Home Living Station

Here are some Fall Home Living ideas that our kindergarten group started last year… Fall has arrived! We are embracing it and celebrating it in kindergarten. Some of my wonderful kindergarten partner teachers and I  got the ball rolling for … Continue reading

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20 Pumpkin Activities for Young Children

Woohoo! This Friday, me and my peeps are going to party like it’s Halloween!!! And by “peeps”, I mean my kindergarten students…and by “party like it’s Halloween”, I mean that we’re going to do some fun pumpkin activities. 🙂 Anyway, … Continue reading

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