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When People Are Mean

My youngest son Peyton is such a likeable little guy. He’s funny, intelligent, and social. He’s a wonderful wordsmith, if I do say so myself (I’m a little biased, of course). He loves sports, mostly talking about sports,¬†and he says … Continue reading

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The Part that You Don’t Want to Read Out Loud

Remember when you were in grade school and your teacher did the dreaded Popcorn Reading fiasco? The one that was supposed to be a “better practice” than Round Robin reading? Oh, the lovely basal readers. I can still remember the … Continue reading

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When You Grew Up in a Small Church

First off, I love all kinds of churches. I have sung and spoken in a variety of churches across the board. Large ones, lively ones, quiet ones, and tiny ones. I’ve sung in churches with the coolest sound and light … Continue reading

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