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The Miracle of Words

This morning I witnessed a miracle in my classroom. In the span of a few moments, faces were lifted, bonds were made, and friendships were salvaged. The year is coming to an end. Some weeks it feels as if first … Continue reading

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Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior

I have issues, okay? And if we’re all going to be totally honest, every person reading this could testify to personal issues as well. Sometimes they lie buried, unnoticed for years and years. We may feel a slight inkling of them … Continue reading

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Kindergarten Students Explain Their Mom’s Best Recipe!

Every year at Mother’s Day, when I’m in my kindergarten year, I have my five and six-year-old students compile a cookbook for their mothers. I┬álove hearing how they explain their mothers’ best recipes! In recent years, my class has decided┬áto … Continue reading

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