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Can He Use Me?

When Chris and I were newlyweds, we joined a group of people at our church who would go door to door telling others about Jesus. As part of the process, we memorized a presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ, … Continue reading

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Teaching Kindergarten: Literacy Work Stations

If you go into ten different kindergarten classrooms, you will see ten different routines of literacy work stations. That’s because teachers are people with different personalities, different tolerances, and different preferences. Different managements systems work for different teachers. I have even … Continue reading

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Who Gets Our Kindest Words?

Who really gets our kindest words? I mean, I’ll say thank you to a stranger for handing me my receipt at the store, but I don’t say anything to my husband for taking out the trash. I’ll apologize profusely for bumping into … Continue reading

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Why I Love Hymns

I love hymns. I really do. I’ve been singing them my whole life. We have an old cassette tape of my sister Amy and me singing “God Is So Good” when we were preschoolers. My little sister Hannah sang “Jesus … Continue reading

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This Year (Happy New Year)

I heard a wonderful song by David and  JJ Heller this week! The lyrics are awesome and inspiring. You can imaging my elation when I saw later in the week the following post by JJ Heller… Learn it? Play it? … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Diets

There once was a girl (that’d be me) who took two journeys (that’d be the diets) down very different paths that seemed to lead to a similar destination: un-fulfillment. The first diet I “went on” started out with a points … Continue reading

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