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The Crayon Bucket

In my classroom, we have this bucket. We call it the crayon bucket. Its job is to hold two kinds of crayons: the broken ones and the forgotten ones. When I started teaching it didn’t take me long to figure … Continue reading

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Preschool and Kindergarten: Becoming Writers

Whether they are learning at school or at home, young children love to write. You don’t know my kid. He hates it. She just scribbles. He runs away when he sees a pencil. She screams when I say, “Let’s write.” … Continue reading

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The Peach Tree

We have an ancient peach tree in the yard. I mean, it’s old. It was here back when my great grandfather lived here, and at one time, it bore fruit and shone in all its glory. Now it is stooped … Continue reading

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To My Kindergartners: The Last Time We Were Together…

It wasn’t our final good-bye. It wasn’t even the last day of school. But it was the last day we were together. I called for the “bus kids” to line up and high-fived them out the door. “See you Monday!” … Continue reading

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Kindergarten: Getting Ready for Next Year

It’s been a busy week full of planning, scrapping the plan, planning again, scrapping again, and planning some more. All in order to help our kindergarten friends continue to learn for the last nine weeks of school! I work with … Continue reading

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