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About That Difficult Child…

They kick. They hit. They talk back. They yell at you. They stomp their feet, cross their arms, and refuse to budge. They destroy school property. They are not nice to the kids around them. They are difficult. I’m not … Continue reading

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The Spirit That Hovers Over The Waters

You’ve been waiting for me here, in this place. The shadows of night fade into vibrant blue, autumn golds and reds. The mist is gliding up into the colors, in a dance only the Creator could choreograph. It sways with … Continue reading

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Cancer Was Not The End of My Journey: Becky‚Äôs Story

My dad grew up as the third in line of five children to my grandparents. He and his two brothers and two sisters can keep a person entertained for hours with their stories from the growing up years. There are … Continue reading

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No Turning Back

When I decided to follow Jesus, I knew there was no turning back. In that moment of total surrender, I felt invincible. If God was for me, who could be against me, right? The truth is, once I became a … Continue reading

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After All

There are some gorgeous daylilies blooming in my yard right now. Their colors are so unique and vibrant. They actually bring a smile to face when I look at them, because I am reminded of how they got in my … Continue reading

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