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When You Are Wearing Your Sin

One day at school, my teacher told us repeatedly to stay away from a certain muddy area on the playground. The rain had poured for several days, trapping us inside, and we were restless and filled with energy. Just before … Continue reading

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No Turning Back

When I decided to follow Jesus, I knew there was no turning back. In that moment of total surrender, I felt invincible. If God was for me, who could be against me, right? The truth is, once I became a … Continue reading

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Who Are You Called to Be?

Usually when I sit down to write, the words flow out like water. They are fluid, twisting here and there, and I am comfortable following them as they move. Today is a little different. Today, I’m sitting here and I’m … Continue reading

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The Writing Room

I have always loved words. I love to read them, sing them, and write them. I love to teach words to eager little minds that soak them up like sponges. Words are such an important part of communication, whether they are spoken, … Continue reading

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I Have Decided

“Decide today who you will serve…as for my family and me, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15 Undecided. That’s what I marked as my major on a college application. I’d always thought I’d major in music. But as high … Continue reading

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This is my story…

The beginning of my story goes way back. I mean waaaaaayyyyy back. Like back when God created the world. The very One who spoke the universe into existence, who made the land and the seas, who created every living and … Continue reading

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