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Sincerely, Your Little One’s Teacher

It’s getting closer and closer. The back-to-school ads have started appearing. The school supply lists have exploded in the front of Walmart. The backpacks have gone on sale. Your friends are squeezing in one last quick trip to the beach … Continue reading

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If You Give A Teacher A Class List

If you give a teacher her class list, she’s going to want some mailing addresses to go with it. So she’ll dig through mounds of registration forms to find “her kids” and write each address. Seeing all those addresses will … Continue reading

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Everyone Falls

“You haven’t ridden your bike in weeks.” “I’m no good at riding my bike. I keep falling off.” My son’s big brown eyes asked me to let it go, to not make him try again. “But everybody falls. You’re not … Continue reading

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Our Classroom Door

I am not a decorator. I repeat, I am not a decorator! Any good-looking thing in my house is credited to my sisters, who tell me where to put things and how to arrange. Because I am not a decorator. … Continue reading

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In the Midst of the Storm, a Song: Connie’s Story

This was written by my wonderful, beautiful friend, Connie Sullivan, who felt the presence of our Father in the midst of her storm.  By Connie Sullivan… For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy … Continue reading

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7 More Weeks

The hallway is quiet. The teacher unlocks her classroom door and thinks to herself… 7 more weeks. I can do this. I can! There is so much left to get to. I’m going to have to make every minute count. … Continue reading

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100 Books A Month

Would it be possible to read 100 books in a whole month? Can you read too many books to a class? As December was approaching, I was thinking about my reading instruction, especially in the area of comprehension. I was … Continue reading

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