Paperless Post for the Win!

So, my life can get pretty crazy, pretty quickly. Like, instantly. Between a schedule full of sports, two backpacks full of stress, and a family and church life, my days don’t have lots of seconds left for extra things.

Sometimes I’m so busy that it’s hard to hear the Lord’s whisper on my heart–especially when He nudges me to encourage a friend who needs an extra boost.

Send her a card.

Write a note to him.

Let her know that she did a good job.

I let these nudges slip away like raindrops on a leaf, and in a few days, they are forgotten. But my heart remembers the next time I see the person who needed encouragement, and I know that I should have listened to that still, small Voice.

Recently, I discovered a company called Paperless Post. Paperless Post designs customizable, online stationery. Their mission is to show the world that communication can be personal and well-designed, regardless of the medium.

I about to straight-up give them a plug, ya’ll. This website is amazing. Once you are on the Paperless Post site, you can easily purchase “coins” to buy stationary, cards, and invitations within seconds. Then, you can send your customized message online without ever leaving your living room. Or your car, while your kid is at practice.

It’s that easy.

Now, I’m using it to send a card to a friend who is hurting. I’m using it to encourage a friend who just accomplished a big goal. I’ll be using it at Christmas to send my Season’s Greetings!

There’s no limit to what I can find, design, and send to encourage and uplift others with this tool. If you’re interested, go visit and let me know what you think!


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1 Response to Paperless Post for the Win!

  1. I used to use another website that closed down and have missed it. Thanks for sharing this new source! Have a joyful Friday!

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