All Things Work Together

Well, it seems that I have a little extra time on my hands…so I write!

I felt a lot of things yesterday when I looked around my classroom one last time before turning off the lights and locking the door.

I was sad. Sad that I won’t get to see my kids for three weeks–we’re a family, you know. Sad that I won’t be back in my home-away-from-home. I was uncertain. Wondering what kind of days were before the boys and myself as we tried our best to stay at home, away from crowds of people. I was contemplative. Already thinking up some kind of plan to keep doing some kind of school routine with the boys at home, because, you know, some teachers never stop…

I had just sent my classroom parents a schedule of what our school day looks like and how they can make their home day look similar if they wanted to. I thought to myself, You can do that with the boys.

Hmmm. My kindergarten schedule? With the boys, who are in 7th grade and 5th grade? They’d never go for that.

But my boys surprise me sometimes. I pitched the idea to them like this: “Hey guys, I worked on a schedule for some students and parents who wanted a daily routine while we were out.” A little chuckle from me, trying to seem nonchalant. “I thought, we could do it at home, and we could just insert your grade level into some of it, and you could do my kindergarten day with me and we could make it fifth grade and we could make it seventh grade and some of it might seem funny and some of it might seem–”

“Yeah! Let’s do that!” they said. Quickly.

“I think that’d be fun,” the seventh grader said.

“We’d get to talk a lot to you,” said the fifth grader.

My heart broke and grew at the same time. Since when did my boys think we don’t get to talk much at home? When did I become unavailable? I thought they were the ones who’d become unavailable?!?

So, here we are. They are currently in Reading Stations, which my kindergartners love. And I love. And–surprise–fifth and seventh grade boys love. I’m not jumping the gun here. I know this is day one. I know that tomorrow Fortnite could be calling their name and Facebook could be calling mine, and I don’t say that second part with pride.

But here we are. Working on Writing. To my kindergarten friends out there, my boys are loving Work on Writing as much as you do. I used your stories to inspire these boys to write today. The seventh grader said he wrote “like, a moral story.” The fifth grade wrote a piece titled “My Journey to a Rock.” He says it has a tiny bit of violence in it. Say what?

And I wrote this.

With my boys. We wrote together. My writing heart is happy, my teacher heart is ecstatic, but my mother heart is full. Completely, and utterly full.

All things DO work together for our good.

Tomorrow during Work on Writing, I just might share our schedule with you and let you know what worked and what didn’t!

boys 2020

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2 Responses to All Things Work Together

  1. TammyB says:

    Have you ever been to the blog? We are doing a daily blog challenge now. It might be something you would like and connect you to other teacher writers!

  2. Connie T. says:

    I am like you Paige. I just could not leave my room yesterday so I stayed awhile longer. I was picturing my students in their stations. Two in reading, two writing in their journals, two playing a sight word game, two playing a rhyming game and others listening to a story and discussing their favorite part. As for me, I had my little group working with them. It made me so sad to think about not seeing them for weeks and talking with them. I brought their addresses home so I could write them each week while we are out in hopes that they will write back. In that being said, I am working on a schedule for me. I still get up and make my coffee and study my Bible along with prayer. Then I eat a little something. I read and study my LETRS session. Then it is iPad time for this class. Next, I clean an area in the house. I read a devotional and journal in it my thoughts and prayers. Then I will eat lunch. We do math after lunch but decided to caught up on some reading that is not educational. I have a stack calling my name. Lol. So I too have made a schedule that does not include tv in the morning and awhile after lunch. Oh Paige, my first book is from the conference. I am dying to read it. Love you and your family. Missing everyone already.

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