What’s Your Story?

If you could sum your story up in a few words, what would you say?

Some people have stories of epic proportions. They’ve been miraculously healed, saved from a bondage so tight that it was breaking them, and brought from the depths of despair.

In light of these stories, it’s easy to feel as if your ordinary story may be, well…ordinary.

But no story of God’s love is ordinary.

My story does not come from a place of despair. It doesn’t come from a place of longing, suffering, sickness, grief, or bondage. 

However, I am a sinner. On my own, I am wrapped in the chains of sin. But God’s grace has miraculously saved me! He has broken the chains of sin and given me a new life in Him.

I am shy around new people. I am nervous when I have to speak in front of a large group. I am awkward more than I am graceful. I am anxious. I am very ordinary.

God has taken my life and made it extraordinary through His grace. He has put words in my  mouth when I had none. He has carried me when my feet faltered and fumbled. He has taken my anxiety and given me peace.

If I had to sum  up my story in a few words, I would say this:

Grace is my story. Redemption is my song.

So I’m curious. What’s your story? If you could sum it up in a sentence, or maybe two, what would you say?

We want to hear it. Nothing is too ordinary. God has given you a story, and your story is ready to touch lives today. So get it out there! Share it with us below, and we will celebrate with you!

Grace Is My Story, Redemption’s My Song by Paige Givens, 2014 (BMI)

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14 Responses to What’s Your Story?

  1. atimetoshare says:

    My story has been a series of second chances. I had lots of issues with my dad as I grew up. He had lots of his own demons and they tended to show themselves when we were around. I could have chosen to run away, to turn inward, to feel useless, but Jesus gave me a chance to chose a different route. When I got married, I thought all my dreams had come true and they had, but not without problems. My husband is devoted to me and our family, but he had some health issues over time that ate away at our relationship. Patience was an issue on my part. I could’ve walked away or said goodbye, but Jesus showed me my marriage was worth it. When we went through the loss of 3 businesses, lost our home to foreclosure, filed for bankruptcy, had no retirement funds and $12 to our name, we were devastated, but God sent an earthly angel to provide a home for us and a second chance at life. We both discovered we could work doing things we love to do. When my husband discovered he had prostate cancer, we went through it together. All those things led us closer to each other along the way, and much closer to our Savior. Not an extraordinary story, but I think God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

  2. After losing my dad to a heart attack when I was 15, I became very angry and bitter towards God. When I was 19, a co-worker was electrocuted in an industrial accident. I got the same jolt of electricity, but was not killed. It was then I realized God was trying to get my attention, and I gave my life to Christ. Best thing that ever happened! 🙂

  3. Melissa (Mom) says:

    My story is ordinary as well! However, nothing about God is ordinary!!!! I find it extraordinary that by his grace and love I was saved as a child of 9 years old. God surrounded me with loving, Christian parents, a wonderful Pastor and his wife AND Christian friends. More importantly his Holy Spirit filled me the moment of my salvation and guided me/convicted me through out my life (kept me out of trouble). No Christian’s testimony is ordinary, no matter how the “world” makes us feel about it!!! 🙂
    Melissa (Mom)

  4. My story, my story is your song “Anyway”.

  5. allycarter1 says:

    I have been fortunate to have always known God, and yes even a young child can have a real relationship with God. I then committed my life to him and have held on tight.

  6. storyad says:

    I was raised by a pedophile and a mother who looked the other way. I felt like a throw-away person. I can sum up my story in one word: Cherished.

  7. Connie Tuck says:

    I have had good and bad in my life but I have a Savior who showed so much love and forgiveness to me that it changed my life forever. He showed me how important I was to Him when others could careless. He taught me to have a forgiving heart. Is that easy? No. But He knows my heart and that I don’t ever want to be unforgiving especially because He is all about forgiveness. I am the daughter of the Holy King. He has blessed me with great friends, family and a church to go and worship Him. My story is ordinary but not to Him. The One and Only who sees my story as extraordinary is my Heavenly Father. i am blessed. Sorry Paige. I could not do this in one sentence. Lol

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