Mary’s Treasure-A Christmas Song

When I was younger, I heard the Christmas story over and over again until it became just that to me…a story from a glossy book, with picture-perfect characters.

But it’s more than a story! It’s history, it’s now, it’s our future. God’s Son, come to earth to be near to us–to save us.

Little Mary…imagine her dismay…even if she was past the point of mourning over her now “interesting” reputation, her family back at home, and the life she’d once known, Mary was now presented with a stable-cave full of animals and expected to give birth to her first child.

There were germs, among other things. There were animals. There was no mother, no bed, no midwife.

Little Mary…she gave birth to the One who creation held it’s breath for. There was no family waiting in the next room to come and visit…

But there were kings, wise men, and shepherds. They were on the way to visit. There was a brilliant star, shining on the one true Light of the world.

Imagine her dismay…she, little Mary, had been chosen to carry this Miracle.

After the stable, after the birth, after the visitors, the Bible tells us in Luke 2:19 that “Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them often in her heart.”

I would think she pulled out her “treasures”–her memories of that wondrous night–over and over again as her Savior-son grew from a baby to a wobbly toddler,  to a smiling young boy, through his teen years, and to a man who was Jesus, Healer of the world. I imagine they flashed through her mind and heart even as her boy was dying. Dying for her, dying for us.

Little Mary…she carried the Gift that we all crave. The one thing that will fill the void we try so hard to feed. Her story–Her Son’s story–it’s more than just that. It’s a treasure we can all keep in our hearts.

This song…the words are His, they are not mine. I pray this Christmas season fills you with the treasure of Jesus.

Mary’s Treasure, Paige Givens (2005)

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