Oh, The Questions They Will Ask!

Five and six-year-olds are good at many, many things. I mean, just think about it–they go so quickly from not even knowing how to write their names to actually reading and writing stories! The amount of knowledge that they soak up in just two short years of Kindergarten and First Grade is both astounding and inspiring.

There are several reasons that these amazing learners gain skills so quickly. First, most are not afraid of failing. They are intrinsically determined to keep trying until they succeed. Second, many are eager to learn new things. They are naturally curious about the world around them. Which leads me to the third–and biggest–reason that young children gain so much knowledge.

They ask questions. 

So. Many. Questions.

I can’t even tell you how many times a day I am questioned about this concept or that story. And it’s wonderful! Questioning is the key to understanding! Questioning is good! In our middle and high schools, teachers train  to figure out how to draw questions out of their students. I say the best training is to go to Kindergarten.

But sometimes in Kindergarten, the questions come flying from all directions, and they get random, and they become crazy, and I have to say…”Stop for a moment. No more questions. Now we think…”

And in the quiet moments after the buses have pulled away and the last child has gone home, the questions come back to me sometimes and they are absolutely hilarious!

SO…drumroll! I have compiled a list of some of the most memorable questions that have been thrown my way over the past 12 years. Some have made me giggle, some have made me think, and some have made me proud. And some have made me scratch my head and say, “Huh?!?”

These are just a scratch on the surface of how many questions I’ve caught–and dodged–over the past years.  And some of them…well, what would you have said? 🙂

Mrs. Givens, do you seriously have a driver’s license? Guys! She can drive a car!

Mrs. Givens, why can’t we put a pencil in the plug hole?

Mrs. Givens, are you in sixth grade?

Mrs. Givens, who’s your prince in this picture? (my wedding picture)

Mrs. Givens, how did your brother break his arm? (my son had a cast on)

Mrs. Givens, will you fix my sock so that the line is right on my toes?

(what seems like hours later…) No, that’s not right. Can I just not wear socks?

Mrs. Givens, are you 13? 72? 100?

Mrs. Givens, how do you eat when we’re not at school?

Mrs. Givens, how are you gonna get that baby out? (when I was expecting)

Where is Mrs. Givens? (I was hanging papers on our door at the hallway) Do you think she went to First Grade?

Mrs. Givens, why does your voice go up when you ask a question?

(During an observation from Central Office) Mrs. Givens, what’s wrong with you?

Mrs. Givens, what is your favorite way to run? 

Mrs. Givens, what is that smell? (Oh, the possibilities)

Mrs. Givens, what is that thing on your face? (a mole)

Mrs. Givens, can I go to the bathroom? I gotta doodle.

Mrs. Givens, where do you sleep at night? (my explanation) What? You have a house?!?

Mrs. Givens, where are you going to put your baby after you have him? Can he sit by me?

Mrs. Givens, can you be my mama too?

Mrs. Givens, why is your hair brown?

Mrs. Givens, will you peel my banana?

Mrs. Givens, can you help me find my “packpack”? It’s not in my “cuvvy”.

Mrs. Givens, will you scratch my back?

Mrs. Givens, why don’t you ever yell? Does a frog got your throat?

Mrs. Givens, are you an old woman?

Mrs. Givens, can you cut my fingernails? (and then they produced clippers…which were promptly confiscated)

Mrs. Givens, why did you cut your hair? I wish you hadn’t done that!

Mrs. Givens, who will you vote for in the Presidential Election?

Mrs. Givens, are you going to throw up? (yes)

Mrs. Givens, did you go to college?

Mrs. Givens, where do you put your bed while we are at school? Do you use our napmats? 

Mrs. Givens, will you hold this apple still so I can take the first bite of it?

Mrs. Givens, will you pull my tooth?

Mrs. Givens, why do we have to wear underwear at school?


Mrs. Givens, how much do you have? You know, in your bank account?

Mrs. Givens, what is a forwijit? (Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about…) You know…forwijit stands? (in the Pledge of Allegiance)

Mrs. Givens, it’s okay if my tooth is a little bit chipped right? I need a sharp tooth to eat meat,  right? (upon returning from PE)

Mrs. Givens, will you cut the tag out of my shirt?

Mrs. Givens, why does gravity pull you up in space instead of pulling you down?

Mrs. Givens, can you laugh in Spanish?

Mrs. Givens, will you make me a “puffet” out of my lunch sack? 

Mrs. Givens, can I show you my pet lizard? It’s in my backpack.

Mrs. Givens, is it okay to drink from the water fountains? The ones in the boys’ bathroom? The ones on the wall?

Mrs. Givens, can you hear me? 

(I say five minutes with voices turned off–no questions…30 seconds go by) Mrs. Givens, has it been five minutes yet?

Mrs. Givens, can you tell what I’m saying? (begins to mouth words)

Mrs. Givens, will you be my teacher again next year? (I’d go every year if I could)

Mrs. Givens, do you love me as much as I love you? (yes, I sure do)

Mrs. Givens, aren’t you proud of me? (you’ll never know how much)


I love being a teacher of young children. I LOVE it! Questions and all. 🙂


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6 Responses to Oh, The Questions They Will Ask!

  1. joyroses13 says:

    Oh Wow! Love these! So funny and tender! Thanks so much for sharing!
    “Water fountains in the boys room” How do you not bust up? Was there really a lizard in the backpack? And I would have hugged that kid so tightly when asking if you could be his Mom.
    Kids are so precious 🙂

  2. Ronja says:

    Oh I love these so much! Children truly are so precious.

  3. Love this, Paige! I smiled all the way through the list!

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