Kindergarten Students Write About America’s Week

It’s been a long week,  America. We’ve fussed and argued and cried and argued and prayed and argued and resolved to stop and then kept arguing. We are like kids stuck in the backseat on a trip that has no end in sight, and we’re tired and whining and arguing. 

My newsfeed is full of it, and I can’t seem to stop reading it, even when I say I don’t want to anymore. The arguing–it is a vacuum churning over our dirt, America, and we are the ones getting sucked in instead of the dirt.

If we put half as much effort into spreading love–real, honest love–not the kind that says I love you so I’ll say whatever you want to hear–unconditional love–not the kind that says You must 100% agree with everything I say to love me–we might could get out the path of the churning wheels and try cleaning up our own dirt.

My kindergarteners, they are so honest and funny and pure. Their understanding of this wonderful country that they live in is just beginning. Their thoughts are beginning to take shape about the land of the free and the home of the brave. And I get a front row seat to their innocence and profoundness.

So I’m choosing to lean more their way. I’m choosing to celebrate this land, the one that God has shed His grace on since our conception. This land was made for YOU and ME, not just me and the ones that agree with me!

I leave you with my kindergarteners’ thoughts on our week, America. They had no agenda, no motive to these writing pieces, except that they wanted to put their thoughts onto paper . They wrote without the fear of offending others, without the fear of being picked apart, without the fear of being verbally assaulted just because others disagree with them. They are beginning to learn the joys of writing and I pray that joy isn’t sucked up by the vacuum of arguing someday.

I’m so thankful for the ones who have sacrificed home, family, and comforts to make this land yours and mine. Happy Veteran’s Day! God bless America.

What did you think about Election Day/Evening?


“I fell asleep on the couch!”

I wish I could’ve. I wish I could’ve.

I was more like this one…


“My mom stay(ed) awake.”

Apparently with the crazy-loud hooting night owls.

This friend learned about the candidates from his parents, who just happened to be registered to vote at a church.


“I went to church and learned about Donald Trump.”

Oh, the irony here.

And before that big ol’ vacuum cleaner gets cranked up, just calm yourselves down. No, this child did not go to church and hear his pastor teach about Donald Trump. His parents voted at a church and then told him about the candidates. Mr. Trump, our President-Elect, stood out in his mind, maybe because he is now the President-Elect. 😉

This friend chose to draw a picture of herself with “that boy who won last night.”


“That boy’s” hair is spot on! 😉

What do you know about Veterans?


“Veterans are strong and they never give up and they ride a Jeep!”

What do you want to say to Veterans?


“Thank you for being a fighter!”


“Thank you for being a hero!”


This is what I want to fill my newsfeed with. No arguing here. Just pure, straightforward thoughts.

Happy Veterans day to the fighters andthe heroes  who never gave up. We honor you.

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2 Responses to Kindergarten Students Write About America’s Week

  1. Point On- they are definitely smarter than the “adults ” this year! God bless our country and put your hedge about us while we work this out!

  2. says:

    Amen. I love the wisdom of children before it gets tainted by the world.

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