The Circle of Warriors

” For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

The room is silent. It is the rare occasion that I am the first to arrive. I look around and thank my Savior for this place.

The place where The Circle meets.

At first, there’s just a few of us. We greet one another with a smile or a hug. And then we begin.

Hands and hearts join together.

We share. As we share, more people trickle in and the loop becomes wider.

We look deep within our hearts to see what’s inside. We marvel over the miracles that our Father has done in our lives lately. The miracles we don’t deserve. The faithfulness that always ends up leaving us in wonder and awe, although we shouldn’t be surprised.

Situations that seemed so large and looming only a day before have so seemlessly been straightened out. The only explanation is the faithfulness of a loving Father…the grace of a powerful God.

The Circle rejoices.

We share our needs, or worries, and our sorrows. It’s been a hard year. Brothers and sisters have gotten seriously ill, their lives forever changed. Parents have become frail and dependent on the children they raised. Our children have suffered health issues that we can’t fix. Friendships and relationships have gone through trials and storms. Loved ones have gone to Heaven.

As one of us shares, the whole shares our sorrow and our joy. Sometimes we weep. Okay…we weep almost daily.

And then…we pray. And instantly, our frail, feeble, breakable circle becomes a strong, powerful, unyeilding one. Our circle of humanity mingles with the breath of Heaven as we call on the God Who called us first. We cry out to Him and share our burdens, and His ever listening ear hears it all. His arms encircle our joined hands, and His heart beats for us.

It’s His grace, His strength, and His power that makes The Circle so life-changing. It’s His voice that calls an army of angels to fight the powers of this world for us.

And I’ve learned from being part of The Circle…that prayer may not necessarily change the outcome of my situation—but it will most certainly change me.

I have definately been changed by being a part of this prayer group. The best part of The Circle is this: it is not exclusive. Everyone is invited in. You are invited to join us in prayer wherever you are, in His name.

I promise it will change you.

Become a prayer warrior. Start a group. Join a circle.

The Circle of Warriors.



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7 Responses to The Circle of Warriors

  1. joyroses13 says:

    This is awesome! Love it! I have a circle of warriors also, wouldn’t make it without them! Prayers are so powerful and yes they change us like you said! Hugs and Blessings!

  2. I love that y’all meet daily! I have some prayer warriors too – at work. Anything going on in each other’s lives and we share. We pray for one another, for one another’s families and children. I could not make it without them!

  3. Tara says:

    The excuse of “I haven’t been in so long” does not matter. We all get busy and have struggles getting to the circle. I had not attended the circle in a while but all the same wonderful ladies were there accepting me and knowing that my heart was burdened and they prayed for me just like I had been there everyday. This starts my day off so much better and I try really hard to make it in time now. I need them.

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