For When There’s Sand in Your Shell

Confession: I have a little sand in my shell… I wish I could say it’s from the beach but that’s somewhere we don’t visit often.


{image via The Graphics Fairy…. and frankly she cracks me up because it’s as if she’s giving that look of “seriously?” but it’s probably just my projection given my mood!}

Though I was thoughtfully prepared for this affliction on almost back to back days a few weeks back by both James, Peter and Paul in my daily devotions… I have to admit I didn’t handle the onset of it all that well. To consider it a great opportunity for joy is not how I typically see trouble. Who does? And when something strange is happening to me I’m not as inclined to be glad either… A hot mess may come a little closer to how I really feel.

Everyone has some burden to endure…

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3 Responses to For When There’s Sand in Your Shell

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks girl for the re-post ♥! I meant every word about your sweet songs!

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