I Hate Storms

I hate storms. They are about the closest thing to a phobia that I have. I hate driving in them most of all. Tonight, they are raging in the area where I live.

I think the thing about storms that I hate is the wind. Wind can cause so much damage. You can see effects of the wind all around you, reminding you that you have no control over your circumstance.

Storms are so loud. The thunder, the pounding rain, the howling wind (again with the wind). I literally get weak-kneed when the noise starts up sometimes.

Sometimes when I’m in the middle of a storm, whether it’s a true severe weather event (I do live in the Southeast) or a storm of life’s circumstances, I can’t seem to hear my Father’s voice through the noise. I can’t seem to see His hand through the elements.

Do you feel that way, too, friends? Maybe you can’t see Him or hear Him through the storm.

But He can see you. He can hear you. He is with us, holding on to us. We can be like Peter. When we think we are succumbing to the storms around us, sinking in them, we can cry out, “Lord, let me find you. Let me walk to you. Lord, save me!”

Thank you, God, for your presence in the storm!

“Walk To You” -words and music by: Paige Givens, Copyright 2014

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6 Responses to I Hate Storms

  1. atimetoshare says:

    This is beautiful. God’s power and majesty is evident in every drop of rain.

  2. RJ Dawson says:

    Great post (and topical!). Always love your music too. Blessings to the fam.

  3. Powerful words Paige, thank you.
    Reminds me of the casting Crown song, “Praise You In the Storm”, where God’s presence and help is found in the storm.
    Blessings! šŸ™‚

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