Give Us Broken Hearts

I see a person on the side of the road with their thumb pointed to the sun-boiling sky, and I feel the need to nod my head and barely meet their eyes as I drive by in my air conditioned car. I may feel a prick in my conscience, but I quickly forget about them as I hurry along my way.

My heart does not break for them.

I hear and read and study about people in foreign lands that are just a location on a colored map to me. They don’t know about my Jesus; they’ve never heard of Him. I read the pleas of the missionaries for prayer, materials, money, help. I think that I’ll send a special offering, and then I forget about sending money when I pay instead for sports, eating out, and movies.

My heart does not break for them.

I see commercials for children who are starving and dying because they have no clean water and food. I quickly change the channel, not wanting to feel the sadness and horror of seeing a toddler drinking water out of a dirty gas can lid. I forget about it later as I turn on the sprinkler for my kids to run through for fun.

My heart is sad for them, but not broken.

Someone is mean to me. They say rude words and hurt my feelings. I can’t believe they’d dare to treat me badly, and I report their behavior to my friends, with a self-righteous “Can you believe them?” mentality. I give no thought to the “mean” person’s motives or heart. I’m too busy thinking of myself.

My heart does not break for them.

I have found myself  asking the Lord for a broken heart. It’s not an easy thing to ask for. Having a broken heart for those who do not know God, for those who are hurting and suffering, requires me to do something, whether it’s prayer, service, or giving money. It requires me to walk away from my synthetic comfort and my fake security. Having a broken heart requires me to take off my pride and put on a coat colored with humility. At times, having a broken heart requires a big dose of courage as well. It takes me to the unknown, requires more of me than I’ve ever had to give.

The Jesus who hung on a cross and suffered a horrific death because of me didn’t do it so that He could stay locked up inside my plastic heart. He took my sins on Himself so that He could break open the doors of my heart and make it real. A lot of times, when something is broken, you can see inside of it. My prayer is that God will break my heart wide open, so that the fortunate and less fortunate, the poor and the rich, the hungry, the weeping, the angry, and the outcast will see the real Jesus in me.

Can I be totally honest with you, friends? I’m nervous about it. I’m not going to measure up. There will be times when I will be complacent, tired, and selfish. And others will see. So will you pray for me to use God’s strength and not my own? And will you let me know if you are praying for God to break your heart, too? If we know that we are in it together, we will definitely be stronger!

“Come near to God and He will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Grieve, mourn and wail. Change your laughter to mourning and your joy to gloom. Humble yourselves before the Lord and He will lift you up.” James 4:8-10

This summer I met a sweet, precious friend named Renee McGullion at a songwriting conference. We are definitely kindred spirits and I thank the Lord that He placed us in each other’s paths. Renee crafted some beautiful lyrics and I added the music. She titled the song “Give Us Broken Hearts”. I think it’s a prayer that needs to be prayed, don’t you? Take a listen!

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25 Responses to Give Us Broken Hearts

  1. Adriel Hong says:

    Paige, this spoke so much to my heart. Yes, I need that broken heart too. Beautiful lyrics and melody…may God use it to minister and convict more hearts. God bless you, friend! =)

  2. Hope says:

    This is GREAT Paige. I LOVE your prayer. It is a good prayer, though scary. And God will answer and I pray He will answer in ways you had not imagined.

    And let’s hope you will not measure up… let God measure up through you and it will accomplish better things.
    God bless!!

  3. Sarah Ann says:

    What a strong and convicting message! May God call us out of our comfort zones and give us a passion to truly be His hands and feet! It was a blessing to find you through the Holley Gerth link-up and I am now a new follower. I would love to have you share your heart at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party @

  4. sarahann1977 says:

    What a convicting message! May God place a passion in our hearts to truly be His hands and feet! It was a blessing to connect with you via the Holley Gerth link-up and I am a new follower. I would be honored if you would share your heart at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party @

  5. Aly Chase says:

    Visiting from Holley’s link up again… Paige, I love your vunerability here. You are willing to admit you haven’t had a heart for God’s hurting people (neither did I) and that you won’t do it right 100% of the time (neither will I). I think that scares people off from even trying sometimes. Girl, you are brave. You are inspiring in your prayers for a broken heart. Our hearts are very much the same. God broke my heart for women recently and I created @brokenmadebeautiful on Instagram. I’m pretty sure you will love it and I hope to see your face in the hashtag someday! xoxo

  6. kendraroehl says:

    Oh my Paige, this is such an honest post! I can totally relate. It’s a scary thing to pray for and yet completely needed and true. Especially in our fast paced society. The idea that we slow down enough to notice the hurting, allowing God room to break our hearts. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Kathleen says:

    Paige, I am in this with you! A wonderful post.

  8. A brave thing to ask God. There are so many posts I have read– yours included– that seem to show a trend in us Christians: we realize that we feel disconnected with the suffering in the world and we want to be servants for God in a more involved way. I am so glad I read your post. You have a beautiful heart.

  9. I think we all need more brokenness in our hearts for others. Thank you for your honesty here and telling us how you need it too. xoxo
    Visiting from Coffee For Your Heart

  10. Somer says:

    “The Jesus who hung on a cross and suffered a horrific death because of me didn’t do it so that He could stay locked up inside my plastic heart.” I love this Paige.

  11. sarahgirl3 says:

    Somehow you read my mind. I want it to be my heart too!

  12. Amazing, I am taking inspiration from your post today. I am wanting a broken heart as well. Thanks for showing me that. God bless.

  13. theresnoplacelikehome05 says:

    This was a great song and words to live by! 🙂 It reminds me of this verse, ” And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love. ( 1 Corinthians 13:13 NKJV)

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