Memories Can Happen Without Warning

Have you ever been on your way home after a busy day, with thoughts filling your mind and stealing your attention, and suddenly, you look up and you’re home? Have you ever thought “How’d I get here? I don’t even remember it!”

This was what I did many times with my life. As a child, even though I loved school, I couldn’t wait for summer time. I’d wish away the last few days of school until suddenly, I was in the warm golden days of summer. My warm golden days would quickly turn into gray boring days and I’d wish for the comforting routine of school days. When I was in school, I’d sigh and think “I can’t wait until I’m in high school.” I plowed my way through junior high with my head down and my mind full of I-can’t-wait-until’s…and then, suddenly, it was my senior graduation day. And I looked around at my friends and realized I wasn’t going to see them anymore.  And suddenly, memories of my days with friends I’d been with since kindergarten came crashing over me like a tidal wave. Running on the playground, playing “horses” with my best friends in grade school; giggling over boys and finally getting a locker in middle school; make-up, cars, prom, and just laughing until we thought we’d pop in high school.

In college, I couldn’t wait until I graduated so that Chris and I could finally get married! Because, you know, we just knew that as soon as we finished college, we’d magically be making the big dollars, me being a teacher and all.

When Chris and I got married, we couldn’t wait until we got to have a house of our own. We loved our little yellow “fixer-upper” that we rented. We still lovingly point it out to our kids as we drive by. But we really looked forward to the day when we got to have a house of our very own.

Once we were established in our own home, we couldn’t wait to start a family! It wasn’t too long after we moved in that we found out we were expecting Parker. Nine months seemed like forever.

Do you see a pattern here?

I have spent my entire life waiting for the next step to happen instead of enjoying what was happening now. Sometimes I grieve over the things that I missed, the things that I didn’t take time to enjoy because I was so busy getting to the next piece of my life. But then God gives me memories.

Memories can be tricky things to figure out. There are times when I feel them coming on and they cover me like a warm blanket, soothing my soul. Then, there are other times when I feel them coming and I want to stop them. I sometimes don’t want to remember things that will make me sad or homesick for the way things were before.

Lots of times we don’t realize we are making memories when we are doing everyday life. All of those times I sat on my Granny’s porch watching the sun go down in all of its orange and pink glory, I didn’t think to myself “Wow, what a beautiful memory I am making.” When my babies cried in the middle of the night and I stumbled to their cribs to pick them up and soothe them, I didn’t think “Let me just get a quick pic of this…it’s such a great moment in life.” At those times in the middle of the night, my brain usually felt like it was stuffed with cotton! My thoughts were usually “Must. Get. Sleep!”

But when I think back now on those precious times, I am so thankful for those memories, the ones that came without warning. Although I never took a picture of the sunset from Granny’s porch, I picture it in my mind every time I see a beautiful sunset now.


Every time I hold my growing, wiggling, sweaty-smelling boys, I remember in my mind those nights when it seemed like the rest of the world was asleep except for the two of us. I remember how soft they felt, how sweet their baby-powder, milky faces were to kiss.

boys grown

Every time I pass the old yellow house with the beat-up mailbox, I remember the first years of being married to Chris. The struggles, the laughs, the decisions, the fears.

Every time I miss my grandmother in heaven, I remember her hugs, her funny sayings, the songs she sang. I remember the food she cooked, the chair she sat in, and the flowers she lovingly tended. I remember her cats, how she loved them, how she sounded when she talked to them. I remember how she loved me.

Yes, memories can happen without warning. They happen every day of our seemingly ordinary lives. I’m praying that I can start opening my eyes to the memories happening all around me each day instead of pressing forward with my head down to the next phase of life.

And for those memories of the times I almost missed out on due to my “waiting”, I thank God for preserving snippets and pictures and sending them to me just when I need them the most.

What about you? I’d love to hear some of your special memories! Let’s share them with each other in the comments below. I’ll bet someone’s memory will spark one in another person’s heart!

To get your memories flowing, I’ve added a new song of mine. It’s called Memories Without Warning. Take a listen and let the memories pour out!

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16 Responses to Memories Can Happen Without Warning

  1. Graham Davis says:

    So many times I remember the fun times of my youth and, like you, wish I could go back for only a few minutes. Not to be young again but to talk to my parents and tell them how much I love and miss them. Always take the time to say I love you while they are with us. (I was one of the smelliest little boy you could find.)

  2. Lori grant says:

    I have great memories of playing dress up and eating Popsicles on the front porch at my grandparents house with my sister and cousins during the summer. Now I watch my girls doing the same thing. I love seeing their dirty Popsicle faces. I love summer time memories.

  3. rssmith7878 says:

    Love this one Paige.

  4. keith says:

    Ok. I’m going to go ahead and predict Paige will be performing this song at a high school graduation next year. I love the song Paige. Great song.

  5. atimetoshare says:

    Memories can surface at just the right times. I think God plants those thoughts so they spring up at exactly the moment we need them. Lovely post. Thank you!

  6. Pure Glory says:

    All we have is the present in which to live. We can’t go back but we can get a peek at our future and move forward while enjoying the journey! Enjoyed your post.

  7. Connie Sullivan says:

    I remember Papa & Gran bringing me so many buttercups for my birthday nearly every year that I couldn’t get both hands around them. After they passed Daddy would send me a few blooms in the mail from Tennessee. They are all waiting for me at home now. Josh gave me that bouquet for my birthday this year from our yard! Such sweet precious memories. I love this song! Thank you!

  8. Paige Givens says:

    Thank you for sharing guys!

  9. Paige, thank you for following me. I’m glad you did so that I can know about your fine blog. The post is so true. Everyone is always waiting for something better in the future. Although the future is bright for all believers in Christ, we are to have joy in living now and learn to be content. Easier said than done. Great post. Have a wonderful day!!!

  10. Melissa Muncher says:

    I love those memories that creep in without warning!!!! My granny and grandpa Parker! I see her sitting under the tree shelling peas and him sitting on the porch with his hymnal (Sacred Harp) practicing his bass notes….I love to think about that. My grandma Shipp and grandpa Shipp are TOTALLY different!!!! She was a HARD worker…..hoeing (or should I say chopping) cotton, milking cows, doctoring cows, etc…until sweat ran down her face and off her nose (this must be where I get my “sweatiness” from); and grandpa always on the tractor, bush-hogging, plowing and breaking up new ground for a different crop! Great memories. Great blog! Love you, Mom.

  11. What a touching post about memories! Thank you for visiting my blog and for introducing me to yours :). I look forward to reading more…

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